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The Statehouse Challenge is a fun way for students to learn about the Alabama Legislature. The pamphlet includes both a Knowledge Challenge and a Word Search Challenge. This pamphlet can be done by students at anytime as homework, class work, or even on the bus ride to the capital. We know that printing and gathering all the needed pamphlets and answer sheets can be added work for teachers, so let us send you everything you need!

Simply fill out the Teachers Request for Statehouse Challenge Pamphlets link under the Education tab found at the ShelbyLegisltors.com website. Fill-in your name, school, school address, number of Pamphlets needed (number of students), date your class will visit the capital, and any other comments or questions you may have. Please try to get all requests in 7-10 days before you need the pamphlets.

What is included in the Packet:

–    Instructions for teachers
–    Number of Statehouse Challenge Pamphlets for each student
–     Answer sheet to Challenge Pamphlet- for teachers only
–     School legislators list- find out who represents you
–     Statehouse contact information for Shelby Legislators- feel free to contact your legislator at any time. You will find their emails at the bottom of the Education and Home pages on the ShelbyLegislators.com website.
–     Return envelope for students Pamphlets- For every student who completes the Challenge Pamphlets, a prize will be awarded to them.

Have students complete the Knowledge and Word Search Challenges in the pamphlet and mail it to the Shelby County Legislative Delegation Office for a prize.

Mail to: Shelby Legislative Delegation
Mimi Penhale
1134 County Services Drive
Pelham, AL 35124

Don’t have enough time to wait? – Statehouse Challenge Pamphlets and Instructions can be viewed on the Teachers section of the Education page at ShelbyLegisltors.com website. The pamphlet can be completed at any time and mailed in for a prize by either a teacher or a student. Teachers can email Mimi Penhale at the address below for an answer sheet.

If you are unsure of any of the answers or have any questions, please email Legislative Director Mimi Penhale at mimi@shelbylegislators.com or call the office at 205-620-6610.

Previous Challenge Instructions for Students

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1134 County Services Drive,
Pelham, Alabama 35124

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