Oak Mountain Middle School Physical Education Equipment Grant Presentation

Article by Amy Young

Pictured (L to R): Coach Jacob Murchison, Assistant Principal Cynthia Monroe, Representative Arnold Mooney, Principal Jan Curtis, Senator Jabo Waggoner, and Coach Sarah Youngblood

On September 1, Senator Jabo Waggoner and Representative Arnold Mooney met with leaders at Oak Mountain Elementary School. The legislators visited with Principal Jan Curtis and Assistant Principal Cynthia Monroe and each presented a grant to help with phase three of the school’s new physical education equipment. Senator Waggoner and Representative Mooney spoke with PE coaches about the impact the new playground is having on the students and what the grants will help them do to further the project. With increased Covid-19 precautions in schools, these outdoor facilities provide a much needed escape for students to safely interact with one another and relieve stress.

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