Shelby County provides convenient new way to renew tags

Article by: Austin Pratt

Recently, Shelby County placed their new tag renewal secure transaction ATMs at locations in Pelham and off of US-280 East.

The county said it hopes to have its last machine installed at a third location in the next two to three weeks.

Barry Newton, the Shelby County Manager of License Operations explains the reason for the machines.

“Because not everyone’s schedule fits around 8:00 to 4:30…This you can walk up 24/7, 365 days out of the year and do your renewal at any point in time it’ll give you your decal, your tag receipt, and you don’t have to wait on anything in the mail you’re good to go,” said Newton.

Additionally, the machines are also for reducing line length and wait times. Some of the customers on any given day can have what they need from the license office in about three minutes and without stepping foot inside.

Some customers at the Shelby County License Office were happy with the idea, like Nick Hogan.

“Super fast. Someone stopped me when I was going in to get in line and so doing this in roughly three minutes versus waiting in line for about 20, 25 minutes was great. I had no problem looking myself up and all that so I love it.”

Others customers like Joslyn Kelley were less receptive of the machines.

“I will say it was convenient, but I do like the person-to-person interaction help saving jobs and it was also quick and friendly going inside.”

Shelby County hopes that the machines will help about fifty people renew their tags every day.

Additionally, Jefferson County is looking for ways to provide a similar service to their residents, hopefully by the end of this year.

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